Thursday, February 16, 2006

Yeh, yeh, your fish stink!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

a bit of this, a bit of that...

Kids: The Beat That My Heart Skipped - Nova yesterday, worth seeing on the cheap day,
Cats: The Yes Men comming up, so here is some background info;;;
And Crazy MOFO's: Critical Art Ensemble
(and listening to 'Disorder' from Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures)

Sunday, July 03, 2005


If I were a blogger (and other rants that some may describe as slightly post e [now that was a waste of money])

-Firstly Kids, the above two posts are pictures from 2046 which I saw on Thursday.
-Now Cats, I knew I'd never be able to do this blog thing, you know, keep up the enthusiasm; I knew it would only come in bursts. Wax and wane, flux, big rain then drought – anyway…So here is my first post for a while. You see I’m not like the others, sure I like writing sometimes but I did say sometimes and if it wasn’t for school ‘sometimes’ would probably mean never (no not really but it sounds dramatic). What I’m actually trying to get at is that I not a blogger, not ‘one of them’. If I was I would write mysterious yet captivating titles that would, well, captivate you and draw you in. They would be bold like Do you still love me? or Hello is anyone out there? Also missing is the self-confidence (though it does escape and run free sometimes) and the amazing wit (just joking). So maybe I have the egocentrism required but sometimes I just get bored, besides it often feels like I’m talking to myself, hello is anyone out there? We should wrap this thing up I’m starting to get shitty.
-Crazy mofo’s, On why I automatically dislike anything popular and the slow breaking down of this mindset: When I was a little tuck (hay anyone remember those Tuckerbag adds – the brown paper bag with a face?) in primary school I could never bring myself to be swept up in the latest craze, be it yo-yos (ok I had two of those but my dad did work for the guy importing them for a while), tamagotchie (I’m sure that’s how you speel it), or those sticky rubber hands. What ever the craze may have been I was always troubled with a nagging scepticism (Mid stentence idea break! I bought Why I Write by George Orwell the other –or other other – week which to my great delight features the essay Politics and the English Language check it out cf. speaking in clichés) resulting in asking other kids questions like “you didn’t like them before everyone one else had one”; “what’s so good about it”, and saying the unthinkable “but it’s jest a craze”, none of which were met kindly by my fellow primary schoolers. What also used to trouble was the question “what happens with all the [product in question] when it becomes unpopular”, all this (plastic) stuff to be what – thrown away? And here you see the bourgeoning of my environmental conscience (that’ll have to go too). So age and some effort may have reduced it but I still retain that knee-jerk reaction of disliking the popular.
And talking about books I recently bought: on Tuesday I bought the catalogue for Proof check it out.
-On the tv:
  • Fine Line SBS 8.30(i think) Tuesday - Very good!!!
  • Sophie's World (beware this articel is writeen by a complete dickhead!) SBS Friday - corny but kinda ok if you've get nothing else to do

And ‘stay tuned’ for more updates (is that how they say it?) It really is time to finish up.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Guerrilla activity

Today I performed my little bit, my 'patriotic duty' if you like. It wasn't anything big and it wasn't even planed. At my bus stop there was an advertisement for the Financial Review saying "The diet of successful people" or some shit like that. This really pissed me off, relating 'success' to money. My family has never been particularly well off, in the past sometimes things have been quite hard, and I do not think we have 'failed' in life because of that. The idea of money being the goal in life is a very narrow and impoverished one and I think it is not too outlandish to compare it to a mental illness such as is done in The Corporation. In fact I think applying the notion of 'success' - and there fore conversely 'failer' - to life is slightly ridiculous.
So when I saw this stupid advertisement I was irritated and this coupled with the memory of a fat black texta in my bag propelled me to take action. It wasn't witty it was just a simple act of defiance. So with that texta I scrawled in large letters on the glass enclosing the poster "WHAT IS 'SUCCESS'?" Iit's not going to bring down our consumer culture but it will interfere with the message of the add and perhaps get some people to think, besides what really makes me proud was that I did it in broad day light on a very busy street. So take that!

ps. who wants to spend five days unconscious with me some time in the next two weeks?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

It’s your future Teishan.

“So what do you want to do next year?”, or the more presumptuous “what course are you thinking of doing?”

I’m getting pretty sick of it. I think it all started last year when I flippantly said that I wasn’t going to university – that’s after hearing from mum’s partner who is a lecturer at an unnamed university in Burwood, Melbourne (I’ll let you figure that one out – a quick search should help) how the lecturers are being screwed and the effect it’s going to have on students.
So I’ve never really heard the end of it, mum’s first response being insane “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR NOT GOING TO UNIVERSITY?!!!!” then followed in the next week “well such and such a person would of gone to university to be doing that”. Anyway guys, I probably don’t need to worry about nocking back a uni place at the rate of non-home-work-procrastination I’ve mastered, it hit me a Wednesday or two ago when I was looking in the Deakin course guide and came across the page about International Studies (Bachelor of Arts) – this might be interesting I thought – until it struck me that I was looking at it instead of doing h/w and that because of that I would never get the ‘enter’ required HOW IRONIC!

So here is my list of what I’d like to do:

-Go overseas: back to London (no it’s not that great) to revisit the Tate Modern and go to Oxford to visit a magazine I much respect New Internationalist. After that go to Paris and back to the Pompidou – it’s awesome!!! – perhaps visit some other places too. Then to Spain, go back to Barcelona and visit MACBA and then travel to some other places around Spain. Then some other European Destinations would be good, Italy (back to Venice!), Germany would be interesting, maybe Holland or a Scandinavian country – I could apologise for the whole Tampa thing, remember that? Then Brazil: Rio to visit my older brother, I could convince dad to go back.

Then India would be really good (carefully avoiding insane religious conflict). Then I’d like to go to Indonesia (depending on the perception of Australians and westerners that prevails at the time – remember we did ‘steal’ East Timor from them and now we are stealing Timor’s oil). I’d like to travel around Asia and closer to home, what is listed above is a pretty impressive list demanding some rich parents and a private school education to match. European countries would be the first to be nocked off the list to make room for what I feel would be more worthwhile countries in Asia.

-while in a country rock up at an MSF office and volunteer.

-At New Internationalist office tell them about my plans for further travel and offer to write an article from one of the countries (the Landless Peasants Movement in Brazil 1 & 2?)

-Meet up with Dad’s friend Chris who lives in Indonesia and learn how to surf in West Java – apparently the locals are really friendly giving a beginner all the waves they need.

-Start up a (weekly?) news paper like The Guardian, It would be independent non-profit owned by a trust and run by an editorial committee with a flat pay structure like New Internationalist. Its focus would be news, political analysis, art, culture, music, and writing.

-Work in the arts, perhaps go to art school after all.

-Fuck it all and OD (how teenage!)

A psychedelic Jesus on the cross with a spinning colour wheel and light behind all in a classy gold frame.
Emily and my present to Pablo, there was also a Last Supper, a Virgin Mary and baby Jesus as well as Hindu ones: psychedelic Shiva!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

pro or con, you decide

Had an accident this morning on my bike with a car, crash, hurt, looks like no bone broken but bad bruising. Pretty scary, thank god I was wearing a helmet. As a consequence not doing SACs of Friday, kinda ruins my plans for the weekend though.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Things you should know:

Now: listening to Neil Young, After the Gold Rush, and wasting time looking up more young liberal stuff.

Last night: so Wazza’s party was cancelled, gone too hard on Friday? Any way, had a good dinner with dad at home, watched TV and had some delicious Tim Tam Dangerous Liaisons Black Forest Fantasy. Mmm… On special at the supermarket, but beware kids there are less in a pack (the bastards!!!). And no night with dad would be complete without me getting angry at him and then saying something nasty I probably shouldn’t of.

Friday: A pretty mhe party (sorry), for some reason couldn’t bring myself to drink, finding it hard to even finish on can of Carlton and felt like spewing when I had a sip of Steph’s vodka – seems the body can remember last Saturday and the three-quarters a bottle of Finlandia in an hour (had the pleasure of throwing-up through your nose anyone?) But it wasn’t all bad, some good tings to note: Saw Niki, Hart was a good drunk, had pizza and mint slice biscuits, Pablo and I visited school at 1 am – amazingly silent allowing the rustling of paper and clinking of bottles to be amplified.